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With his newest LP „Exxodus“, Zurich’s Manuel Fischer returns to his home base Ozelot, presenting ten meticulously crafted tracks that refrain from ever only being one thing or the other. Sitting comfortably between genres like IDM, Dubstep, or Electro, Exxodus is a representation of Fischer’s current musical interests and a story of artistic progress. A story which, at its core, has always been about exploring new frontiers and finding new means of expression.

It only makes sense for Fischer to release „Exxodus“ with Ozelot, the discipline-bending collective he co-founded in 2017: what started as a record label soon developed to become a creative studio working in a broad range of artistic disciplines. In line with this approach, the project presents itself in different ways, embracing all its transcendent potential: next to its physical manifestation as a transparent double vinyl, designed by Skala Design,Jahn Koutrios and Guillermo Lucena, it’s the foundation for Fischer’s new live AV show, for which Ozelot will conceptualize and create and execute the visuals. Coming to a town near you in Summer 2024. For the digital space, the studio imagined an experimental and playful way to access the music, using the album as malleable base material in an immersive website. A familiar approach we’ve already seen for Ozelot’s latest release, the Skyline EP by RADIOFEAR, and which is now established as an essential element of every new project, taking the convergence of the virtual and physical realm seriously.

„Exxodus“ succeeds in being many things at once. Mainly, it’s a musically confident body of work and an adequate follow-up to Fischer’s first long player „Roadkill Grill in Novosibirsk“ from 2019. Many of the elements he favors as a producer are in place: the Electro-informed groove on “Imperil”, a warped sample on “Rusty Chair” (is that a dog barking?), and shuffling granulated breaks everywhere you turn, like in “Rehbinder Effect” or “Parallel But Never Crossed”. Additionally, the scope of the project allows for it to be read as an act of collectivity, in which a group of creatives comes together to discover new artistic possibilities. Written by Fischer, in his hometown Zurich and further South in Switzerland in the secluded Ticino region, he consequently extends an invitation to others to get involved. If this open-minded approach resonates, you are cordially invited to join the party.

written by Mathis Neuhaus